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20 Vegan Food Gift Ideas to Buy In 2024

Looking for the best vegan food gifts? This post is for you! It includes all of the best edible gifts to buy in the UK, whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or something savoury. So if you’re struggling for food gift ideas this Valentine’s Day or Christmas, this post will help you out.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve been thinking a lot about the best vegan food gifts to hand around to my loved ones.

I am a keen baker so it’s a given that my partner, friends and family will usually receive some kind of homemade baked good. But what about if you’re looking for something more polished and put together?

For those of you who prefer to buy your edible gifts, there are plenty of options! There’s even some super cute vegan wrapping paper out there to wrap them too!

I have found 20 of the best UK vegan foods to gift in 2024. Some of them are well-known brands, while others are smaller businesses that I have purchased from and really enjoyed. Let’s take a look…

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Best vegan food gifts to buy

1. Dirty cow chocolate

Dirty Cow Chocolate

This is a great chocolate brand that I can personally vouch for. They have 13 flavours of chocolate bars to choose from, including one with bourbon biscuit, one with honeycomb and one with pretzels. They also sell vegan cream liqueurs!

2. Hotel Chocolat Sleekster box

Hotel Chocolat Sleekster Box

A classic selection of vegan chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. Their chocolate is AMAZING and makes the perfect vegan gift.

3. Vegan jerky

Vegan Jerky

If you’ve been on the lookout for savoury food gifts, this jerky is just the thing! It comes in a variety of flavours including hot and spicy, lime and Texas BBQ.

4. Protein bars

Misfits Protein Bars

If your recipient is into health and fitness, gift them these delicious Misfit protein bars. They taste just as good as chocolate bars but have a little extra nutrition in there. You can choose just one flavour or try them all in the variety pack.

5. Pick n mix

Pick N Mix Bag

What says edible gift more than a 1kg bag of vegan pick n mix sweets?! These Bon Bag sweets include all of the old favourites such as fizzy cola bottles, watermelon slices and love hearts. Yum!

6. Sriracha hot sauce set

Sriracha Hot Sauce

The perfect vegan edible gift for any spice lovers in your life. This set comes with 4 bottles of sriracha hot sauce- original, green, garlic and super hot.

7. Baklava gift box


A luxury selection of baklava made without dairy or honey. Makes a great change to the traditional chocolate box.

8. Gourmet seasoning mix

Seasoning Pots

9 Vegan and gluten-free herbs and spice pots- the perfect gift idea for the cook in your life. Great for making stir fry, burgers, stews and more!

9. Booja Booja truffles

Booja Booja Truffles

This award-winning truffles selection includes tasty flavours such as rhubarb and vanilla, hazelnut and almond salted caramel. They are my personal favourite vegan chocolates EVER. They look, taste and feel so luxurious, making them a great vegan edible gift to buy for your loved one.

10. Pink gin popcorn

Pink Gin Popcorn

The Popcorn Shed make some lovely vegan popcorn many interesting flavours, with cute packaging to match. This one is perfect for the gin lover in your life!

11. Nut gift basket

Nut Mix

A variety of flavoured nuts, packaged together nicely in this little gift box! The best food gift for any savoury snack lover.

12. Vegan treats hamper

Vegan Food Gift Hamper

If you can’t decide on sweet or savoury, get a little bit of everything with this hamper. It includes pretzel thins, popcorn, protein bars, crisps and more. Because it includes a wide range of products, this is one of the best vegan food gifts you can buy if you’re trying to decide between a few things!

13. Dates selection

Date Selection

These nut-filled dates are a great healthy vegan food gift idea if you’re looking for something a little more nutritious. They come in a cute box which is prefect for gifting.

14. Olive selection

Olive Selection

Another healthy vegan food gift, these olives come in three flavours- garlic and basil, lemon and thyme, and chilli and rosemary. If your recipient prefers salty foods to sweet, these olives would be perfect.

15. Luxury brownies

Vegan Brownie Box

If you’re not much of a baker, let The Sweet Reason Company do the work for you. Homemade vegan brownies delivered straight to your door! The flavours included in this gift box are salted caramel, chocolate orange, white chocolate raspberry and peanut butter.

16. Bread dipping oil

Bread Dipping Oil

Who doesn’t love the classic bread and dipping oil combo? This set contains three flavours of oil- cumin, chilli and coriander seed, smoked garlic and black peppercorn, and rosemary, thyme and lemon.

17. Gourmet peanut butter

Peanut Butter Pots

A 3-pack of vegan-friendly craft peanut butter. Comes in rugged (crunchy), chocolate and gingerbread flavours.

18. Coffee syrups

Coffee Syrups

The perfect food gift for any coffee lover in your life. This pack contains 10 mini bottles, including the flavours mocha, French vanilla and toffee.

19. Chutney


A selection of 4 vegan-friendly chutney pots in super cute packaging. Perfect for serving with crackers and some vegan cheese!

20. Retro sweets

Retro Sweets

All of the retro classics in one box- Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Dip Dab, Refreshers and more! It can be posted through the letterbox too which is always a bonus!

I hope you like this list of vegan food gifts for 2024! Check out my edible gift recipes post if you prefer to make something from scratch. Enjoy!

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