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Accidentally vegan

Posts with all the best accidentally vegan foods.

45+ Accidentally Vegan Cakes & Bakery Items

Missing your old favourite cakes and bakery items? You don’t have to any longer! This list of accidentally vegan cakes and bakes will show you just how many vegan-friendly options there are! Whether you’re missing doughnuts, pies or pastries, you’ll find out where to get them all in this post! Happy Veganuary! If you’re a …

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70+ Accidentally Vegan Biscuits UK

Wondering which biscuits are accidentally vegan in the UK? This post will help you out! It contains information about all types of biscuits, including big name brands and supermarket own-brands. This accidentally vegan biscuits list includes things like Maryland cookies, bourbon biscuits, vanilla wafers, ginger nut biscuits, Party Rings and lots more! Following on from …

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60+ Accidentally Vegan Sweets (UK)

The best accidentally vegan sweets in the UK. This post includes the UK’s most popular brands and supermarket own-brand items. So if you’d like to check if your favourite sweet treats are vegan or not, keep on reading! If you’re a new vegan, you’ve probably tried some of the free-from chocolates, cakes and other sweet …

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