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30 Aquafaba Desserts (Vegan)

These aquafaba desserts are all vegan-friendly so they’re perfect for anyone who can’t eat eggs or dairy. With 30 recipes to choose from, there’s something for everyone, including showstopping meringue-based recipes and quick, easy dessert like chocolate mousse.

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Aquafaba is the brine that is leftover from canned chickpeas. It has a sort of gelatinous texture, very similar to egg whites, and it can be used as an egg substitute in all kinds of different desserts.

The best aquafaba dessert recipes

To make the page a bit easier to navigate, I’ve divided the desserts into categories. The categories are: meringue desserts, cakes and bakes, cookies and no-bake desserts.

I hope you like these aquafaba desserts! If you make any of the desserts at home, please let me know how you get on by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! xo

Meringue desserts

All of the following 7 dessert are meringue-based but you won’t need any eggs!


Yes, you can make pavlova without eggs! It's crisp on the outside and soft, marshmallowy and chewy on the inside. Tastes delicious served with vegan whipped cream and fresh fruit and it makes a great dessert at any time of year.
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vegan pavlova with berries, whipped cream and a sprig of mint on top

French Macarons

This macarons recipe uses the French method but with aquafaba. Macarons can be a little tricky to make but once you master the vegan version, you'll never look back! This is one of my absolute favourite vegan aquafaba desserts.
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thumbnail image of 2 white macarons on top of one another

Italian Macarons

These macarons are made using the Italian method. Just as delicious and chewy as the French kind!
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Apple Meringue

Sweet, stewed apples topped with fluffy aquafaba meringue. This is a quick and easy gluten-free dessert that the whole family will love.
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Meringue Kisses

These cute meringue kisses can be eaten on their own or used to decorate other vegan desserts such as cakes and pavlovas.
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Coffee Meringues

Sweet, crunchy, bite-sized meringues packed full of coffee flavour. They taste so close to the traditional version that you won't believe they're vegan!
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Lemon Meringues

These lemon mini meringues contain just 3-4 ingredients and don't sacrifice on flavour or texture. They're easy to make and fun to eat!
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Meringue Cookies Lemon

Aquafaba cakes and bakes

Cakes, banana bread, brownies, blondies and doughnuts. Yum!

Strawberry Oreo Cake

This gorgeous strawberry Oreo cake is not only vegan but it's gluten-free too because it uses gluten-free Oreos! It's made up of 3 layers of cookies and cream sponge cake and a smooth, creamy strawberry buttercream frosting.
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Red Velvet Cake

A moist, gluten red velvet cake topped with a sweet, sticky marshmallow icing. It can be made in a Bundt cake for presentation or in a 13×9-inch tin for ease.
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Carrot Cake

Dense, moist yet fluffy carrot cake that is delicious on its own or with lemon icing. The perfect Spring-time bake without eggs or dairy.
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Banana Bread

10 Ingredients and 20 minutes of hands-on-time is all you'll need to make this delicious banana bread. It's moist, fluffy, tender and light, making it the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.
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You'd never guess that these doughnuts are vegan! Made with yeast, they're just as light and fluffy as traditional doughnuts.
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Gluten-Free Brownies

Rich, decadent brownies with a delicious chewy, fudgy texture. They taste just as good as traditional brownies, with the crackly tops to match!
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Stack Of Vegan Gluten Free Brownies

Chickpea Flour Brownies

Wholesome, grain-free brownies that are also free from refined sugar. These tasty treats are fudgy, decadent and full of chocolatey flavour.
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Brownie Blondies

If you can't decide between a brownie and a blondie, have both at the same time with these tasty brownie blondies. They're chewy, fudgy and super easy to make.
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All of the best vegan cookie recipes that are made with aquafaba.


Light, slightly crunchy ladyfingers that can be used in desserts such as tiramisu or just enjoyed alongside a cup of tea or coffee. You'll only need 10 simple ingredients and 35 minutes to make them.
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Chocolate Chip Cookies

These chocolate chip cookies are vegan, gluten-free and nut-free! They're filled with protein, healthy fats and fibre for a more wholesome take on the classic chocolate chip cookies.
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Soft Chocolate Cookies

These soft chocolate cookies are free from the top 8 allergens, meaning they can be enjoyed by the whole family. They're super easy to make and very versatile.
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Peanut Butter Cookies

One of the easiest aquafaba desserts on the list, these cookies can be made with just 3 ingredients! Peanut butter, coconut sugar and aquafaba come together to make these soft and chewy cookies that are packed with peanut butter flavour.
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Pignoli Cookies

Italian pignoli cookies without the eggs! Deliciously chewy, almond flavoured cookies with crunchy pine nuts on top.
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Coconut Macaroons

Moist, chewy macaroons that can be made without eggs, flour or condensed milk, making them gluten-free and vegan! Enjoy them as is or dip them in chocolate.
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Almond Cookies

These almond cookies are quick and easy, with just 5 ingredients. They're also gluten-free too, making them great for anyone with allergies.
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Cookie Dough

A wholesome recipe for edible cookie dough, packed with chocolate chips. Perfect for serving to a crowd!
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Mousse desserts

Delicious vegan aquafaba desserts that involve mousse of some kind.

Chocolate Mousse

A decadent, fluffy chocolate mousse that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sweetened with maple syrup, it's a healthier alternative to traditional chocolate mousse.
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse

A light and airy chocolate mousse packed with chocolate chips and peanut butter flavour. This recipe has only 6 ingredients and it'll be ready to eat in 10 minutes!
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Strawberry Mousse Tarts

A simple two-ingredient crust filled with a light, airy aquafaba strawberry mousse. This would make a great dessert for Spring or Summer.
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No-bake desserts

These last few desserts require no baking. They’re are all super easy and straight forward to make!

Chocolate Ice Cream

This chocolate ice cream can be made with 6 simple ingredients and can be made easily without an ice cream machine! A delicious frozen treat that's great for cooling down on a hot day.
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Old Fashioned Fudge

Smooth, rich chocolate fudge that melts in your mouth. It's easy to customise, with fun mix-ins like nuts, vegan marshmallows or flaked coconut.
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Royal Icing

Royal icing is usually made with egg whites but this vegan version uses aquafaba instead. This icing is great for decorating all kinds of cookies and cakes.
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flat lay of vegan sugar cookies topped with royal icing

Whipped Cream

This aquafaba whipped cream is sugar-free oil-free and low fat. It will make the perfect addition to any vegan dessert.
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I hope you like these vegan aquafaba desserts! If you make any of them at home, please leave a comment to let me know how it goes. Enjoy! xo

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