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Vegan Macadamia Nut Cookies

These vegan macadamia nut cookies are soft, chewy and packed with flavour. They’re super easy to make with just a handful of ingredients and can be whipped up quickly with very little mess. They’re great for packed lunches, dessert and mid-morning snacking.

Stack Of 5 Macadamia Cookies

Another cookie recipe to add to the collection!

Yes, I am a cookie addict… If you haven’t seen my recent round up of all of my favourite cookie recipes, you should go check that out now.

Today, I’m sharing a tasty recipe for vegan macadamia nut cookies.

This recipe is similar to my white chocolate cookie recipe, which are some of my absolute favourite cookies of all time. And I can confirm they’re just as delicious with macadamia nuts!

I recently saw macadamia nuts in my local health foods shop and picked some up since they were on special offer. I thought they would be fun to make a dessert with and that I would come up with a really cool, creative recipe. But after I bought them, I ended up deciding to make the most obvious macadamia nut dessert of all time, cookies!

Classic me…

Sorry, I just love cookies too much, what can I say?

I have to admit, I haven’t done much baking with macadamia nuts in the past. I’m pretty sure this was actually the first time ever but if not, it’s definitely the first recipe I’ve posted on the blog using them!

I used to love the macadamia cookies from Subway so I knew I liked the nuts, but it did surprise me how much more flavourful they taste in homemade cookies. They’re so much better than I remember the shop-bought ones tasting. I may just be being biased but I’m pretty sure you will agree when you taste these for yourself!

If you want to have cookies that are more similar to the Subway ones, feel free to add white chocolate chips if you like!

Also, if you’re celiac or follow a gluten-free diet, check out my gluten-free white chocolate macadamia cookies.

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Overhead Shot Of Vegan Macadamia Cookies On A White Background

What you’ll need:

To make these cookies, you’ll need just a few ingredients. And if you follow a vegan diet, you’ll probably have most or all of these things lying around in the kitchen anyway!

  • Flax seeds. The flax seeds act as a binder and give the cookies structure. They will prevent the cookies from crumbling. I do not recommend omitting this ingredient from the recipe as the cookies will not hold together very well once they’ve cooled down.
  • Vegan margarine. I recommend using the spreadable kind over the blocky, “buttery” style. The water content in each is quite different and will produce a different result. I always use the margarine style when baking and testing these recipes, so this is what will produce the best results.
  • Caster sugar. This provides sweetness in the recipe and helps bring the slight crispiness to the edges of the cookies.
  • Brown sugar. Helps the cookies hold moisture and also brings the “chewy” element.
  • Self-raising flour. Using this flour instead of plain/all-purpose flour helps the cookies to rise ever so slightly, because of the added raising agents. The cookies will rise as they bake and fall as they cool, giving them an edge as well as the classic bakery-style crinkly look.
  • Macadamia nuts. Of course, no macadamia nut cookies would be complete without these! You’ll need to chop them roughly before adding them to your cookie dough. You can buy them from most large supermarkets or health food shops.

How to make vegan macadamia nut cookies

Step 1:

Preheat your oven to 200°C/400°F, or 180°C/350°F if you’re using a fan or convection oven.

Line a flat tray with baking paper or have a non-stick cookie stand to hand. I typically use 1 tray and bake half a batch at a time but if you prefer, you can use 2 trays and bake them all at the same time.

Step 2:

In a small bowl or mug, mix together 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds and 1 tablespoon of water. Set it aside for a few minutes and it will become thick and gloopy, sort of gelatinous. This will act as the egg replacement.

Step 3:

In a large bowl, cream 200g of vegan margarine with 150g of caster sugar and 100g of soft light brown sugar.

Once smooth, add in the flax seed mixture along with 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Mix well.

Margarine Creamed Together With The Caster And Brown Sugars

Step 4:

Now add 320g of self-raising flour to the bowl. Mix it in with a wooden spoon until everything starts to stick together. Then use your (clean) hands to press it together into a ball of dough.

You can add a little more flour if the dough is too sticky, or add a splash of plant-based milk if it’s too dry.

Ball Of Cookie Dough In A Glass Bowl

Step 5:

Divide the dough into 16 equal-sized pieces and roll each piece into a ball. Flatten the balls to around 1/2 an inch thick and place them on your baking tray(s). Make sure to leave an inch or to between the cookies to allow them to spread without sticking together.

Discs Of Cookie Dough On Baking Tray

Step 6:

Bake the cookies for 10 minutes.

The edges should just be starting to brown when you remove them from the oven and they will look soft and under-baked at first. Do not let them become golden all over or they will be over-baked and too crunchy when they cool down.

The cookies will keep baking when you remove them from the oven and will firm up nicely once cooled.

Baked Cookies On The Tray


How should I store the cookies?

Keep them in an airtight container or wrap them up tightly in tinfoil and store in a cool, dry place such as a kitchen cupboard.

How long will they last for?

If stored as advised above, they will taste best if eaten within 4-5 days.

Can I add chocolate chips?

Yes! Macadamia and white chocolate often go together in cookies so if you like, you can add 100g of white chocolate chips to the cookie dough, or any other type of chocolate chips you like! Check out my vegan chocolate guide for information on all types of vegan chocolate chips and bars.

Can I freeze them?

Yep! These cookies freeze really well and last for up to 2 months in the freezer. Before freezing, wrap the cookies tightly in tin foil, clingfilm or an airtight container. I recommend putting a small piece of baking paper between each cookie so that they separate easily and you can defrost the exact amount you need.

When you’re ready to defrost them, just transfer them to a plate or wire rack and let them sit at room temperature for an hour or two until they’ve completely thawed.

Pinterest Pin- image of stack of 5 cookies

I hope you enjoy the recipe! If you make these cookies yourself, please let me know how you get on by leaving a comment and/or rating below. Happy baking! xo

Stack of 5 macadamia cookies
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Vegan Macadamia Nut Cookies

Soft, chewy, eggless cookies with chunks of macadamia nuts throughout.

Course Dessert
Cuisine vegan
Keyword vegan macadamia nut cookies
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Servings 16
Calories 357 kcal


  • 1 Tablespoon Ground flax seeds
  • 200 g Vegan Margarine (¾ cup + 1 tablespoon)
  • 150 g Caster sugar (¾ cup)
  • 100 g Soft light brown sugar (½ cup)
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • 320 g Self-raising flour (2+½ cups)
  • 100 g Macadamia nuts, roughly chopped (¾ cup when whole)


  1. Preheat your oven to 200°C/400°F, or 180°C/350°F if you're using a fan or convection oven. Line a tray with baking paper or make sure you have a non-stick cookie sheet to hand.

  2. Mix the flax seeds with 1 tablespoon of water in a small bowl or mug. Set it aside for a few minutes to thicken.

  3. In a large bowl, cream together the margarine, caster sugar and brown sugar.

  4. Add the flax seed mixture to the bowl along with the vanilla extract. Mix well.

  5. Now add the flour and mix it in with a wooden spoon until the dough sticks together. Use your hands to press it into a ball of dough. You can add a little more flour if the dough is sticky, or a splash of plant-based milk if it's too dry.

  6. Divide the dough into 16 pieces and roll each piece into a ball. Flatten the balls to around ½ an inch thick and place them on your baking tray. Make sure to leave an inch or two of space between them to allow space for spreading.

  7. Bake for 10 minutes. The cookies will look soft and under-baked at first but will firm up as they cool. Let them cool completely before you remove them from the tray.

Recipe Notes

  • Add 100g of white chocolate chips for an extra treat.
  • Store in an airtight container for up to 5 days.
Nutrition Facts
Vegan Macadamia Nut Cookies
Amount Per Serving (1 cookie)
Calories 357 Calories from Fat 144
% Daily Value*
Fat 16g25%
Sodium 86mg4%
Carbohydrates 48g16%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 29g32%
Protein 4g8%
* All values are an estimate only and will vary depending on the food brands used.

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