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19 Delicious Vegan Cookie Recipes

This list of vegan cookie recipes is sure to include something for everyone. It includes soft and chewy cookies, crunchy cookies, gluten-free cookies, low-carb cookies and more! Bookmark this page and come back as often as you need!

If you’ve ever read my blog before, you’ll know I am a HUGE fan of making vegan cookies. I actually think I like cookies more than cakes if I’m being honest!

After creating my round-up post of the best vegan desserts, I realised that with the amount of different cookie recipes on this blog now, it would make sense to put them all together in their own separate list so you can see them all in one place. So here you are… Let’s get started!

Soft and chewy vegan cookie recipes

Bake these cookies on a non-stick cookie sheet for best results.

Vegan “milk” chocolate chip cookies

It would only make sense to start with the most classic type of cookie, wouldn’t it?! Although there isn’t actually any milk in these cookies, they give traditional chocolate chip cookies a good run for their money.

Stack Of 4 vegan milk chocolate chip Cookies

Biscoff and white chocolate cookies

I made these for my partner’s birthday BBQ earlier this year and they were very popular indeed! They are filled with dairy-free white chocolate chips and stuffed with creamy Biscoff spread, which is melted in the middle if you eat the cookies warm.

thumbnail of a cookie with melted Biscoff spread filling

Double chocolate chip cookies

These are probably my favourite ever cookies, flavoured with chocolate and filled with white and dark chocolate chips. No matter what the occasion is, these double chocolate cookies are always sure to be a hit! I make them multiple times a month because they are just SO GOOD! Try them for yourself and see!

a hand holding a vegan double chocolate cookies

Warm Cookie Dough Skillet

This recipe is a Pizza Hut cookie dough copycat. It’s gooey and soft inside and tastes delicious served with ice cream.

Close Up Of Cookie In A Skillet With Ice Cream On Top

White chocolate cookies

These white chocolate chip cookies were actually the first kind of chewy vegan cookies that I made for this blog and I have been hooked ever since! Made with a mix of brown sugar and caster sugar, they are perfectly crisp on the outside and so flavourful.

Vegan White Chocolate Cookies in a pile

Red velvet cookies

These brightly coloured vanilla cookies have a touch of cocoa powder and are mixed with white chocolate chips. They’re perfect for Valentine’s day, or just for snacking on any time of year!

Stack Of 3 red velvet Cookies

Ginger cookies

If you like all things spiced, give my vegan ginger cookies a go. I like to eat these warm along with some hot chocolate in the Winter months.

ginger Cookies Laying Flat On A White Background

Funfetti cookies

Filled with colourful sprinkles, these vanilla funfetti cookies remind me of my younger days and I think they’d be a great addition to any child’s birthday party!

Vegan Funfetti Cookies Laying Flat On A White Background

Lemon drizzle cookies

If you’re British, you’ll probably know all about our obsession with lemon drizzle cake! Because the cake flavour is so delicious, I put it into a cookie, and the results were better than expected. Trust me, if you like lemon desserts, you will LOVE these cookies!

Stack Of 4 Lemon Drizzle vegan Cookies

Smarties cookies

I used dark chocolate, vegan smarties for these cookies to recreate the Subway cookies that I used to love so much. I would say they are a pretty good substitute if you’re also missing them!

Vegan Smartie Cookies

“Mini Egg” cookie bars

A tasty Easter treat, these cookie bars are filled with mini chocolate eggs that give Cadbury’s a run for their money.

Overhead Shot Of Cookie Squares With Mini Eggs And Chocolate Chips In Them

Low carb chocolate chip cookies

These are a great healthier cookie if you’re someone who likes a sweet treat every day like I do. They’re made with almond flour, agave nectar and dark chocolate which all help to prevent the blood sugar highs and lows that can happen with regular baked goods. They’re naturally gluten-free cookies too!

low carb Cookie With A Bite Taken Out Of It

Chocolate crinkle cookies

If you’ve never had a crinkle cookie, try this recipe now! They are soft, fudgy, chocolatey pieces of joy and can be flavoured with orange, mint or anything else that you like. There’s also a gluten-free option for this recipe.

a stack of Vegan Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Peanut butter cookies

These peanut butter cookies are great because they can be made without any kind of egg replacer but still turn out lovely and soft! They’re great for freezing too, meaning you can make a large batch last for a long time!

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies laying flat on a white surface

Cut out vegan cookies and biscuits

Shortbread cookies

Classic Scottish shortbread (without the butter, obvs) in heart-shaped cookie form. You can of course cut the dough into fingers if you want a more traditional look!

Heart shaped Shortbread biscuits

Cinnamon cookies

Another cut-out cookie recipe! These cinnamon cookies are great around Christmas time and can be topped with icing or a simple dusting of sugar.

stack of 3 Vegan Cinnamon Cookies

Sugar cookies

Sugar cookies are more of a USA thing than they are British but I really wanted to have a go at them last Christmas! They make the perfect base for royal icing decorating. Check out my aqua faba royal icing recipe if you’d like to give icing art a go too!

Vegan Sugar Cookies On Plate

Empire biscuits

Empire biscuits are traditionally Scottish and consist of 2 shortbread rounds with jam in the middle and icing on top. You’ll also find a small jelly sweet or glace cherry on top most of the time.

vegan empire biscuit on a wooden board

3-ingredient peanut butter cookies

These cookies aren’t exactly the definition of indulgence but if you want something that’s gluten-free, low glycemic and oil-free, they make a very tasty and nutritious treat! They’re great for meal prep and adding to children’s lunch boxes.

a peanut butter cookie being removed from a stack of cookies
Thumbnail Of 3 Cookies Stacked
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19 Vegan Cookie Recipes

Easy recipes for vegan cookies and biscuits.

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