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68 Best Vegan Dessert Recipes

This huge list of vegan dessert recipes includes something for everyone! We’ve got layer, sheet and loaf cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candies and more! Whether you’re a fully committed vegan or just dabbling in egg-free and dairy-free desserts, you’ll definitely find a new favourite dessert recipe or two here!

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I have been meaning to make this post for THE longest time! I set up this dessert blog a few years ago and since then, I have created hundreds vegan desserts recipes. It’s about time that all of the best and most popular ones were together in one place!

I’ve picked out 68 of my favourite vegan dessert recipes for you to try. Listed below are some more of my dessert round-ups if you’d like to narrow them down. Enjoy!

Vegan dessert recipes table of contents

Since this is a very long post, I have included a clickable table of contents below to help you navigate to your desired section easier.

Occasion cakes

First, let’s start with the cakes! When it comes to eggless and dairy-free desserts, cake is a MUST! I have all types of cake on my blog but I’ve grouped my favourite layer cakes together. These are great for birthdays or any other special occasion.

1. Biscoff cake

This is by far my most popular recipe on the blog, and for good reason! It’s made up of 3 layers of slightly spiced sponge with Biscoff crumbs throughout, and is topped with the most delicious Biscoff buttercream frosting!

2. Matcha cake

Calling all green tea lovers, this one’s for you! This is a super simple 2-layer matcha flavoured cake with vanilla buttercream. It’s not overly sweet so is perfect for those seeking a more subtle vegan dessert.

3. Carrot cake

Of course, this tasty vegan dessert just had to be included. It’s a super moist cake filled with nuts and spices, and it tastes fantastic paired with cream cheese frosting.

4. Chocolate fudge cake

This is one of my family’s favourite recipes of mine. The chocolate icing is super fudgy and tastes great paired with the fluffy chocolate sponge.

5. Coffee Cake

Unlike the streusel version of the cake from the USA that you drink with coffee, this one is flavoured with real coffee. It’s filled and topped with a sweet coffee buttercream too.

6. Victoria sponge cake

Another British classic, the Victoria sponge! Fill it with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream, or try whipped coconut cream as an alternative.

7. Red velvet cake

The flavour of red velvet is a mix of vanilla and a slight hint of chocolate. It’s also one that goes really well with cream cheese frosting, and the vibrant colour is always a crowd pleaser.

8. Yule log

This one is a little Christmassy, but who’s to say that you can’t eat Yule log all year round?! It’s one of the best dairy-free desserts you can make! It’s a rolled chocolate sponge cake that’s filled with vanilla buttercream and covered with chocolate ganache. I have a vanilla and Biscoff version too!

Tray bakes & loaf cakes

Next up are the tray bake and loaf cakes. These may be suitable for a children’s birthday party or a casual afternoon tea and cake.

9. Lemon drizzle cake

This is one of my most popular vegan dessert recipes on this blog! It’s a super moist lemon cake baked in a sheet pan, topped with a lemon-sugar drizzle and icing.

10. Ginger cake

This cake is great all year round but particularly around Autumn/Winter time. Paired with cream cheese icing, this tastes like a richer, more spiced version of carrot cake.

11. Chocolate sheet cake

A simple chocolate sheet cake with chocolate ganache frosting.

12. Vanilla sprinkle cake

This vanilla cake is perfect for children’s birthday parties. It’s one of the most simple dairy-free desserts but it’s so delicious and it always tends to be a crowd pleaser!

13. Jam and coconut cake

A school dinner classic, jam and coconut sponge! This one is perfect for beginner bakers as it’s made with simple ingredients.

14. Orange drizzle loaf

This one is very similar to my lemon drizzle cake but it’s made with oranges and baked into a loaf instead!

15. Banana loaf

Classic vegan banana bread loaf. Lightly spiced with cinnamon, this cake is delicious enjoyed warm with a hot drink!

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Next up are the cupcakes. These are great if you’re new to making vegan desserts and not quite ready to jump into making larger cakes yet.

16. Red velvet cupcakes

Light and fluffy vanilla cupcakes with a hint of chocolate and lots of red food colouring! Pair them with cream cheese icing for a beautiful contrast.

17. Biscoff cupcakes

Lightly spiced cupcakes topped with creamy Biscoff buttercream.

18. Oreo cupcakes

Rich chocolate cupcakes with Oreo crumbs throughout, topped with vanilla buttercream and mini Oreos.

19. Chocolate cupcakes

Light, fluffy chocolate sponge cakes with chocolate buttercream on top. A simple, classic dairy-free dessert that’s super easy to make.

20. Vanilla cupcakes

A classic staple that every vegan baker should have in their recipe book! Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.

21. Carrot cupcakes

Bite-sized versions of the carrot layer cake!

22. Chocolate and Biscoff cupcakes

A light, chocolate sponge cake topped with creamy Biscoff buttercream.

23. Gingerbread cupcakes

Filled with warming spices, these cupcakes are great around the festive period!

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Now for the vegan cheesecakes. These are all no-bake recipes and although they take some time to set, they can be made very quickly with minimal mess.

24. Oreo cheesecake

This cheesecake consists of a sweet Oreo base and a decadent cookies and cream filling.

25. Biscoff cheesecake

Biscoff is a caramelised cookie flavour also known as speculoos. The base for this cheesecake is made up of Biscoff cookies and melted vegan butter, and it’s filled with a sweet, cheesy Biscoff filling.

26. Easter egg cheesecake

This one is fun to make with children at Easter! It’s a vegan vanilla cheesecake made inside of a chocolate egg shell.

27. Vanilla cheesecake

One of my most classic dairy-free desserts that is sure to be loved by even the fussiest of eaters!

28. Chocolate cheesecake

This one is made with a hobnob base and has a smooth, creamy and rich chocolate filling. A must-try for all chocolate lovers.

29. Strawberry cheesecake

A smooth and creamy cheesecake topped with fresh fruit and strawberry jam.

30. White chocolate cheesecake

White chocolate-infused vegan cheesecake with a warming gingernut biscuit crust.

Pies and tarts

If you’re looking for a vegan dessert that is a bit more elegant, try one of these pie or tart recipes. This section includes baking and no-baking recipes.

31. Cherry bakewell tart

This is a British classic that’s perfect for any occasion. It’s a short-crust pastry base filled with eggless frangipane and cherry conserve.

32. Apple crumble pie

Also known as Dutch apple pie, this apple pie is covered with crunchy streusel topping!

33. Banoffee pie

A tasty, no-bake dairy-free dessert with a Digestive biscuit base, a toffee/caramel filling, a layer of bananas and a layer of fresh cream.

34. Chocolate orange tart

A chocolate orange ganache-filled pastry tart that’s super easy to make!

35. Caramel tart

This tart uses “cheat’s” caramel to make a dessert similar to the retro school caramel tart!

36. Mini strawberry tarts

Strawberry tarts are a Scottish classic. They’re so easy to make vegan by using whipped coconut cream and dairy-free butter.


If you are a chocolate lover, this section is for you. Here are 6 of my favourite brownie recipes!

37. Double chocolate chip brownies

These brownies are super fudgy and chewy, with that classic “papery” brownie top. They’re filled with a mix of white and dark vegan chocolate chips and you’ll never be able to tell they’re made without eggs or dairy!

38. Chocolate orange brownies

The same as the brownies above, just with a hint of orange! These yummy brownies taste similar to Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

39. Black bean brownies

If you’re looking for a healthier dairy-free dessert, this is the recipe for you! These don’t have the exact same texture as traditional brownies but they definitely taste delicious enough to fill the brownie-shaped hole in your heart if you’re eating healthier.

40. Mint brownies

Ooey, gooey brownies flavoured with peppermint and thin mints throughout. Just like After Eight brownies but with no dairy!

41. Peanut butter brownies

Chocolate brownies with a peanut butter swirl on top. The classic combo that tastes like Reece’s.

42. Raspberry brownies

Fresh raspberries and brownies are a match made in heaven! Perfect for afternoon snacking.


Whether you like them soft or crunchy, with or without icing, this section is sure to have a cookie recipe that you will love!

43. Rainbow chip cookies

A fun and colourful vegan-friendly dessert alternative to Subway’s smartie cookies!

44. Cookie bars

These cookie bars are something a little different to the standard cookie. I made them with dairy-free chocolate eggs for Easter but you can swap those for any other mix-in that you like.

45. Scottish shortbread

This vegan shortbread is about as close to the traditional version you can get without using dairy. It’s crumbly, crunchy and has just the right amount of sweetness.

46. Double chocolate cookies

Technically, you could call these triple chocolate cookies. These chocolate flavoured cookies are filled with both white and dark chocolate chips. These are one of my favourite dairy-free desserts ever.

47. White chocolate chip cookies

One of my most popular cookie recipes, these white chocolate cookies taste just like the bakery style!

48. Cinnamon cookies

Crunchy cinnamon flavoured cookies that can be rolled and cut into any shape you like.

49. Custard creams

A classic British sandwich biscuit filled with vanilla custard buttercream.

50. Empire biscuits

Another Scottish dessert, Empire biscuits are jam-filled shortbread rounds topped with icing and a jelly sweet.

51. Red velvet cookies

If you love red velvet desserts, you’ll love these cookies! They’re packed with white chocolate chips which make a beautiful contrast.

52. Sugar cookies

A basic, neutral-tasting cookie that makes the perfect base for decorating with royal icing.

53. Peanut butter cookies

Perfectly sweet peanut butter cookies with a nice chewy bite. These are so easy to make with just 8 basic ingredients.

54. Pizza Hut cookie dough copycat

If you miss Pizza Hut’s skillet cookie dough, I’ve got you covered! Served warm with vanilla (dairy-free) ice cream, this scrumptious vegan dessert tastes almost identical. And the best part is, when it cools down, it turns into a chewy cookie!

Light bites

Vegan afternoon tea? Give some of these lighter recipes a try!

55. Cranberry Scones

Basic, fluffy scones with dried cranberries throughout. These are great for serving with vegan cream and jam.

56. White chocolate raspberry scones

Filled with chunks of raspberries and drizzled with vegan white chocolate, these scones bring something a little different to an afternoon tea!

57. 2 ingredient scones

If you’re looking for oil-free scones, these are the ones for you. They’re made only with coconut cream and self-raising flour and they are super easy to make!

58. Mini lemon loaves

Bite-sized versions of a traditional lemon drizzle loaf. The perfect dairy-free dessert for kids.

59. Macarons

French-style macarons made with aqua faba instead of eggs. These are tricky to make even the traditional way but these detailed step-by-step instructions will help you get there!

60. Pavlova

Another aqua faba dessert, this pavlova is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Fill it up with whipped cream and fresh fruit for a real show-stopping vegan dessert!


Easy, no-bake sweet treats that can be enjoyed as a snack or given as an edible gift. These recipes are super easy.

61. Oreo truffles

All you need for these truffles is Oreo cookies, vegan cream cheese and some chocolate for coating! They’re one of the most child-friendly vegan dessert recipes you’ll find on this page!

62. Biscoff fudge

Another super simple recipe, this fudge requires only 2 ingredients!

63. Macaroon bars

A Scottish chocolate bar, coated in toasted coconut and filled with fondant made from mashed potatoes! Don’t be alarmed though, they don’t taste anything like potatoes.

64. Creme Eggs

A vegan twist on Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. No unusual ingredients needed!

65. Rocky road

A chocolate fridge cake filled with vegan marshmallows, popcorn, pretzels and more! A sweet and salty delight.

66. Peanut butter cups

An easy, no-bake peanut butter cup recipe without dairy.

67. Peanut butter fudge

3-ingredient peanut butter fudge that’s creamy, soft and flavourful. A staple dairy-free dessert that requires no baking.

68. Biscoff truffles

These truffles are very similar to the Oreo truffles I mentioned above, just made with Biscoff cookies instead. Another easy child-friendly vegan dessert.

Images Of The Best Vegan Dessert Recipes
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68 Best Vegan Dessert Recipes

The best dairy free desserts including all sorts of cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, muffins and candy.

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I hope you love my list of the best vegan dessert recipes! Let me know which is your favourite by leaving a comment below.

If you fancy something healthier that will still satisfy your sweet tooth, check out my healthy vegan desserts round-up post, featuring recipes from some fabulous bloggers! And for those who like simplicity when it comes to food, or for anyone who has little helpers around, take a look at my easy vegan desserts round-up, where all of the featured recipes contain 5 ingredients or less.

If you make any of the recipes at home, you can tag me in your pictures on Instagram @bakedbyclo. I love seeing your creations! Happy baking! xo

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