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How to Avoid Greasy Cupcake Liners

Have you ever baked the perfect cupcakes, only to discover there’s grease pooling at the bottom once you remove them from the tin? It can be disappointing when this happens but it is quite a common baking issue. Luckily, there is an easy way to avoid greasy cupcake liners. Let me show you how!

Cupcake Liners

What causes greasy cupcake liners?

Why are my cupcake cases greasy, I hear you ask? Greasy-bottomed cupcakes happen when the cupcake liners absorb the grease from the cake batter.

If this happens to you often, or if the cupcake cases are excessively oily, I would advise experimenting with some different cupcake recipes. It may be that there is too much oil or butter in the cake batter, or there may be a fault in the recipe method that is causing the oily cupcake liners. It’s also a good idea to measure your ingredients using a scale for accuracy. Cup measurements can vary too much from person to person and therefore cannot produce a reliable result every time.

Note that there is a difference between greasy and moist! The bottom of your cupcake liners may look greasy but it might actually just be moisture. To let them dry out at the bottom, simply transfer them to a wire rack to cool once they come out of the oven. This will allow air to circulate and prevent moisture from pooling at the bottom. Moist cupcakes are great and not something you particularly need to avoid- nobody likes a dry cupcake, do they?

How to avoid greasy cupcake liners

So how exactly do you keep cupcakes from getting oily at the bottom? Try out this clever hack! I saw this on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Even having been a keen baker for many years, it was the first time I had seen this trick. But after a quick Google, I found out that this was quite a common baking hack. So I thought I would share it with you all too, incase you’re like me and have never come across it before.

All you need to do is add a small amount of uncooked rice to the bottom of your cupcake tin holes. You don’t need to add too much, just enough to cover the bottom so you can’t see the tin underneath. Then just place your cupcake liners on top and fill with cake mix and bake as usual.

The uncooked rice will absorb any excess cupcake grease and prevent greasy cupcake liners! Perfect, fluffy cupcakes every time.

Best cupcake recipes

Try out one of these tasty vegan cupcake recipes which will help you to avoid greasy cupcake cases. These recipes use simple ingredients and are super easy to make.


Greasy bottomed cupcakes are caused by the cupcake liners absorbing too much fat from your cake batter. This may happen because of your baking technique, or because of a recipe that contains too much fat. To prevent greasy cases, pop a small amount of uncooked rice under the case before adding the cupcake batter.

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