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Vegan Tiffin

This vegan chocolate tiffin is super easy to make with just 6 ingredients. It’s sweet, crunchy and chocolatey, and there’s no baking involved! It’s always a crowd-pleaser!

Stack Of Vegan Chocolate Tiffin Slices

I don’t care what anyone says… In my opinion, as soon as Halloween is over, it’s acceptable to start getting excited for Christmas!

I have so many exciting dessert ideas for the festive period and hope I can find the time to make them all!

First up is this vegan chocolate tiffin (a.k.a. chocolate fridge cake, but dairy-free).

While not technically a Christmas dessert, tiffin is something that is really popular in Scotland (and probably the rest of the UK too) in the Winter time, so I thought I’d start with that.

You know, just to gently ease my way in with the festive content…

What is tiffin?

Tiffin is a chocolate fridge cake style of dessert that requires no baking. Taste-wise, it’s sort of halfway between a chocolate brownie and a bar of chocolate, with some extra crunch added to it.

It was invented in Scotland in the 1900s and is made up of chocolate with lots of butter, golden syrup, cocoa powder, crushed biscuits and raisins.

I did make an Oreo tiffin earlier this year and just recently made rocky road (which is pretty much just tiffin with marshmallows) and Biscoff tiffin, so you have 4 variations to choose from!

I’m also planning a white chocolate and cranberry version in the near future so keep an eye out for that.

Want more Scottish vegan desserts? Try these:

How to make vegan tiffin

Step 1:

First off, line a baking tin or dish with parchment paper. You’ll want to leave a bit hanging out of each side so that you can easily pull it out once the chocolate has set.

I used an 8×10-inch baking tin.

Step 2:

Place 300g of Digestive biscuits (around 17 biscuits) into a large bowl and use the end of a rolling pin or your hands to crush them.

Make sure to leave some larger chunks in there with a few crumbs- you don’t want to turn them into dust!

Crushed Biscuits in a bowl

Step 3:

Next, to a small saucepan, add 120g (1/2 cup) of vegan butter, 3 tablespoons of golden syrup and 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder.

Place the saucepan over a low heat and gently stir until the butter has fully melted.

Step 4:

Add 150g (5.3oz) of vegan chocolate of your choice into the saucepan. Continue stirring until it has melted and the mixture becomes smooth and glossy.

putting Chocolate Into the pan

Step 5:

Pour the chocolate mixture into the bowl with your crushed Digestive biscuits.

Step 6:

Add 70g of raisins (around half a cup) to the bowl and stir until well combined and the biscuits are completely coated in chocolate.

Adding Melted Chocolate And Raisins To The Crushed Biscuits

Step 7:

Transfer the mixture into your lined baking dish and spread it out evenly. Use the bottom of a cup or clean hands to press it firmly into place.

It’s important that you press it in as this will prevent it from falling apart when you take it out of the tin.

Pressing The Tiffin Into Place

Step 8:

Melt 150g (5.3oz) more vegan chocolate and pour it over the tiffin. Spread it out evenly using the back of your spoon.

Spreading Melted Chocolate On Top

Step 9:

Place the chocolate tiffin in the fridge for 3 hours, or until the top of it has fully set.

Now all that’s left to do is cut the tiffin into 16 equal pieces (or less if you like bigger slices!). I’d recommend running your knife under hot water before cutting for a cleaner slice.

Cutting The Tiffin Into Pieces


How should I store this recipe?

Vegan tiffin bars/slices should be stored in an airtight container in the fridge. They will last around 5-6 days this way!

Can tiffin be frozen?

Yes, this recipe actually freezes really well, which is great if you want to save some for a future event or if you just don’t have many people to help you eat it.

To freeze, wrap it tightly in cling film and freeze for up to 2 months. To defrost, transfer it to a plate and let it sit at room temperature for a few hours until thawed. This will take a bit longer if you’ve frozen the whole thing without cutting it into slices.

What’s the best chocolate to use?

I love using semi-sweet vegan chocolate such as Lovett’s. It’s pretty sweet for compared to other dark chocolate I’ve tried but doesn’t contain any dairy! Hurrah!

You can use super high cocoa chocolate if you like it, but I personally share my desserts with a lot of non-vegans and they’re not used to the bitterness of most dairy-free chocolate.

I’ve yet to try these tiffin bars with dairy-free “milk” chocolate but I imagine that would taste delicious too!

Basically, it’s all down to what you prefer! Some chocolate will melt better than others but as long as you melt it over a low heat, it’ll be fine!

I can’t buy Digestive biscuits where I live, what can I use instead?

Any kind of crunchy biscuit/cookie will do! I’ve made my rocky road recipe with homemade shortbread before and it was delicious!

I also know that Graham Crackers are a great substitute for Digestives (although you’ll need to make sure the brand you buy are suitable for vegans).

Tiffin On Plate

That’s all for now, I hope you like this recipe!

If you make it yourself at home, please let me know what you think by leaving a rating and/or comment below or tagging me in your photos on Instagram @bakedbyclo.


Thumbnail- 3 pieces of tiffin stacked on top of one another
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Vegan Chocolate Tiffin

Dairy-free tiffin bars made with Digestives and raisins.

Course Dessert
Cuisine vegan
Keyword vegan tiffin
Prep Time 15 minutes
Servings 16 slices
Calories 262 kcal


  • 300 g Digestive biscuits (17 Digestives or 10.5oz)
  • 120 g Vegan butter (½ cup)
  • 3 Tablespoons Golden syrup (can be subbed for agave nectar)
  • 2 Tablespoons Cocoa powder
  • 150 g / 5.3oz Vegan chocolate of choice, chopped into pieces
  • 70 g Raisins (around ½ cup)

To top:

  • 150 g / 5.3oz Vegan chocolate, chopped into pieces


  1. Line an 8×10-inch tin with baking paper, leaving a little bit hanging out of each side so that it's easy to pull the tiffin out once set.

  2. In a large bowl, break the Digestive biscuits into chunks using the end of a rolling pin or your hands. Don't crush them completely- it's best to have some larger pieces with a few crumbs for the best texture.

  3. Add the vegan butter, golden syrup and cocoa powder to a small saucepan. Place it over a low heat and stir occasionally until the butter has melted.

  4. Add the chocolate to the saucepan and continue to stir over low heat until it has melted. The mixture should be smooth and glossy.

  5. Pour the mixture into the bowl with the Digestive biscuits then add the raisins. Mix well until everything is coated in chocolate.

  6. Transfer the tiffin mix into the lined dish and use the bottom of a cup or clean hands to press it firmly into place.

  7. Melt the chocolate for the topping and pour it into the dish. Use the back of a spoon to spread it evenly over the tiffin.

  8. Refrigerate for 3 hours before cutting into 16 squares. I recommend running the knife under hot water before each slice to prevent the chocolate from cracking.

Recipe Notes

  • Store, covered in the fridge for up to 6 days.
Nutrition Facts
Vegan Chocolate Tiffin
Amount Per Serving (1 slice)
Calories 262 Calories from Fat 126
% Daily Value*
Fat 14g22%
Carbohydrates 36g12%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 19g21%
Protein 3g6%
* All values are an estimate only and will vary depending on the food brands used.
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