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60+ Easy Vegan Comfort Food Recipes

If you’re looking for some hearty, vegan comfort food recipes, this post is for you! There are over 60 easy recipes to choose from, including both sweet and savoury dishes.

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Last week, I came down with a bad cold and coupled with the rainy, dull weather in Scotland, I felt pretty miserable. I am a huge foodie so I immediately started to think of some of my favourite foods that could help me get by.

I ended up making some spicy ramen and chocolate brownies and I can tell you, I was definitely comforted! This sparked the idea for this post so, using help from some other food bloggers, I’m bringing you this huge list of vegan comfort food recipes.

Whether you’re sick, going through a stressful time, or have cold weather where you are, I hope that these recipes can help to bring a little bit of joy to your life. There are plenty of options to choose from- whether you prefer a hearty stew, a gooey mac and cheese or a rich chocolate fudge cake, you’ll find something to suit your needs in this post.

The best vegan comfort food recipes

I’ve split this post into savoury and sweet recipes, then split them further into categories with other similar recipes. Feel free to use the links below to quickly navigate to the section you’re most interested in.

Savoury Comfort Food

I’m starting with the savoury recipes first. There are all kinds of cuisines to choose from so you’re sure to find a recipe you love.

Soups & Stews

These soups and stews are perfect to warm you up from the inside out.

1. Jackfruit Stew

This hearty, filling ‘beef’ stew is made with jackfruit and fresh veggies. Takes just 15 minutes of prep time.

Jackfruit Beef Stew

2. Wonton Soup

This vegan wonton soup tastes super authentic. Packed with garlic and ginger, it’s great a delicious comfort food recipe that can help you heal from a cold.

3. Tofu Noodle Soup

An easy, tasty Asian soup that’s ready in just 25 minutes. A great alternative to chicken noodle soup.

4. Potato Soup

Potatoes and soup in one meal- you can’t get much more of a comfort food than that, can you?! It’s thick, creamy and made with wholesome ingredients.

5. Tuscan Minestrone

This soup is full of fresh seasonal veggies, beans and orzo pasta. It’s a nutritious yet delicious meal that is sure to satisfy.

6. Korean Ramen

This easy ramen recipe combines traditional ramyeon and Japanese ramen to make a spicy, flavourful dish. Perfect for keeping warm on chilly days.

Vegan Korean Ramen

7. Ratatouille

This French vegetable stew is packed with fresh veggies, basil and lots of flavour. A healthier take on comfort food that you’ll love.

8. One Pot Chilli

This vegan-friendly chilli can be made in one pot with just a handful of simple ingredients.

Pasta & Rice

Pasta has got to be one of the best vegan savoury comfort foods out there! It’s so delicious and versatile. Here are 7 pasta recipes and one risotto recipe.

9. Fettuccine Alfredo

This is a surprisingly healthy version of the classic Fettuccini Alfredo. It’s made with simple, wholesome ingredients and is ready to eat in less than an hour.

Vegan Fettuccini Alfredo Comfort Food Dish

10. Bolognese

A rich, hearty bolognese with a ‘meaty’ texture. A great way to sneak some extra veggies into your vegan comfort food dish!

11. Dan Dan Noodles

This Asian-inspired recipe combines chewy udon noodles, salty-spicy peanut sauce, mushrooms and chilli oil. It’s super quick and easy to make.

12. Mac & Cheese

The ultimate vegan comfort food recipe! This mac and cheese is creamy, cheesy and nut-free. It doesn’t require much prep time and is super simple to make.

13. Lentil & Mushroom Ragu

This delicious pasta sauce is sure to satisfy even the hungriest of eaters. It’s ready to eat from scratch in just over 1 hour.

Mushroom Lentil Ragu Vegan Comfort Food

14. Lasagna

This hearty lasagna is made with layers of pasta, vegetables, two kinds of vegan cheese and a rich marinara sauce. Yum!

15. Tofu-Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Stuffed shells filled with homemade vegan ricotta cheese, spinach and seasonings. Takes just 50 minutes from start to finish.

16. Vegetable Risotto

A classic Italian rice dish that’s packed with flavour from fresh veggies and herbs. It’s naturally gluten-free so perfect for anyone with gluten intolerance.

‘Meat’ Dishes

These recipes replicate meat-based dishes in a cruelty-free way.

17. Shawarma

Meat-free shawarma with dairy-free garlic yoghurt sauce. This is a healthier alternative to takeaway yet it’s still packed full of flavour.

Vegan Shawarma Comfort Food Wraps

18. Tofu Nuggets

These crispy vegan-friendly nuggets are healthy, packed with protein and full of flavour. Take your pick between oven-baked or air-fried.

19. Meatloaf

When it comes to vegan comfort food, you just can’t beat a good meatloaf. Serve with creamy mashed potatoes and vegan gravy.

20. Lemon Pepper Wings

These wings are made with cauliflower but I put them in this category because they make a great cruelty-free alternative to chicken wings. Baked to perfection in a sweet, lemon pepper sauce.

Vegan Lemon Pepper Wings

21. Popcorn ‘Chicken’

Crunchy vegan popcorn chicken coated with a sweet and spicy sauce. This easy dish can be made in the oven or the air-fryer.

22. Sausage & Peppers

Enjoy this tasty dish as is or add some hot dog buns for an extra dose of deliciousness.

23. Burger & Fries

A healthier take on the classic burger and fries combo. A whole serving contains less than 400 calories and 2g of fat!

24. Meatballs

These hearty, plant-based meatballs are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Packed full of flavour with just 10 simple ingredients.

Plant Based Meatballs


If you love spices then try one of these flavourful curry recipes.

25. Chana Saag

Chana saag is a vegetarian Indian dish made with chickpeas, tomatoes and spinach in an aromatic sauce. A comforting curry that’s perfect for dinner.

26. Butternut Squash Curry

A 30 minute recipe that’s filling, warm and comforting. This curry is full of deep, rich flavours, packed with plant-based protein and fibre.

27. Sweet Potato Curry

This sweet potato curry is creamy and full of bold flavours, and it can be made easily in one pot.

Sweet Potato Curry

28. Coconut Chickpea Curry

Creamy coconut curry made with staple pantry ingredients. Serve with brown rice for a healthy, hearty meal.


A pie feeds the soul, not just the stomach! Here are 3 tasty pie recipes to choose from. I have a whole post dedicated to savoury pies if you’d like more recipes.

29. Cheesy Broccoli Pie

Broccoli, potatoes and carrots baked into a flaky pie crust with creamy vegan cheddar cheese sauce. Cosy, comforting and satisfying!

30. Veggie Pie

This comforting filo-crust pie is made with veggies and a smooth, nutty homemade bechamel sauce.

31. Shepherd’s Pie

A veggie-friendly Shepherd’s pie made with lentils instead of meat. A filling main dish that’s budget friendly.

Vegan Lentil Shepherds Pie

Other savoury vegan comfort meals

These last 3 savoury recipes didn’t quite fit into any of the other categories above but are equally as delicious and comforting.

32. Stuffed Peppers

These chickpea stuffed peppers have a savoury flavour, crunchy texture and a hint of spice. A low fat recipe that tastes super comforting.

33. Potato Cakes

Pan-fried cakes made with mashed potatoes, vegan cheese and scallions. They’re soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

34. Nachos

Nachos are one of my favourite vegan comfort foods! This recipe uses dairy-free cheese, beans, salsa, vegan sour cream and guacamole, piled up high on top of corn tortilla chips.

Vegan Nachos

Sweet Vegan Comfort Food

Next, we have the sweet vegan comfort foods. I don’t know about you but I much prefer desserts to savoury foods when I’m in need of comfort. I’ve included the most indulgent vegan desserts I could find for you. I hope you like them.


Cheesecake tends to be a popular sweet comfort food so I had to include a few of them in this post!

35. Biscoff Cheesecake

This is one of my (non-vegan) family’s favourite desserts of mine and it’s also one of the most visited recipes on my blog, with multiple 5-star reviews.

Vegan Biscoff Cheesecake With Biscoff Biscuit Base

36. Strawberry Cheesecake

A simple but comforting vanilla cheesecake with fresh strawberries and a sticky strawberry sauce on top.

37. Chocolate Cheesecake

This chocolate cheesecake is paired with a Hobnob biscuit base for an extra special flavour and texture.

38. White Chocolate Cheesecake

This cheesecake is ultra rich and creamy. It tastes a bit similar to how I remember Milkybar chocolate tasting! The super sweet filling is paired with a fiery gingernut biscuit base for the perfect balance.

Vegan Cheesecake Slice On Plate With White Chocolate Drizzled On Top for comfort foods post

39. New York Cheesecake

Just like the classic version but this one is vegan and gluten-free. A decadent dessert that you’ll want to make again and again.


For different types of vegan sweet puddings.

40. Trifle

This strawberry trifle is made with fresh fruit, strawberry jam, vanilla cake, custard and whipped cream- all vegan-friendly of course!

A Bowl Full Of Strawberry Vegan Trifle

41. Rice Pudding

This rice pudding is an easy, simple breakfast or dessert made with basic ingredients. It’s made with oat milk instead of dairy to produce a rich, creamy texture.

42. Bread Pudding

This bread pudding is a delicious way to use up stale bread. It melts in your mouth and will make your whole house smell lovely!

43. Chocolate Pudding

This chocolate pudding is self-saucing, with a rich, gooey chocolate sauce underneath the sponge. Tastes delicious served with vegan ice cream, pouring cream or custard.

Vegan Chocolate Comfort Pudding


For me personally, brownies are the ultimate comfort food dessert. Here are 5 of my favourite recipes.

44. Peanut Butter Brownies

These are just like the classic brownies but with a swirl of peanut butter on top. The nutty flavour makes a great addition to this comforting dessert.

45. Classic Brownies

These are my favourite brownies ever and possibly my most favourite recipe on my blog! They’re super rich and fudgy with the classic papery crust on top.

Stack Of Comforting Chewy Vegan Brownies

46. Mint Brownies

These brownies are made with vegan thin mints so they taste just like After Eight brownies. Yum!

47. Biscoff Brownies

These brownies are made with cocoa powder so you don’t need any chocolate bars to make them. They’re topped with smooth Biscoff spread and Biscoff biscuits.

48. Oreo Brownies

Cocoa powder brownies topped with Oreo biscuits throughout. Vegan comfort food at its finest!

Stack Of 3 Oreo Brownies

Cakes & Sweet Breads

Everyone loves a good cake, don’t they? Here are 9 cakey comfort desserts to choose from.

49. Honey Buns

You’ll never be able to tell that these delicious honey buns are vegan. They’re soft, pillowy and sweetly-spiced with cinnamon.

50. Chocolate Fudge Cake

Two layers of chocolate sponge cake sandwiched and covered with rich, decadent chocolate fudge frosting. A must-try for all chocolate lovers.

51. Sprinkle Cake

This is the best sweet vegan comfort recipe! It’s a dairy-free, eggless version of the classic school dinner cake, best served with warm vegan custard.

Vegan School Dinner Cake

52. Lemon Drizzle Cake

This is the moistest vegan lemon cake that you’ll ever try! It’s rich, ‘buttery’ and bursting with lemon flavour.

53. Coffee & Walnut Cake

Coffee flavoured sheet cake with walnuts, topped with a decadent homemade vegan cream cheese frosting.

54. Banana Bread

This banana bread is the perfect rainy day bake. It’s soft and moist and tastes delicious served warmed up with some dairy-free butter or almond butter.

55. Oreo Cake

This cake can be made with only 3 ingredients! It’s super simple to make but will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

56. Biscoff Cinnamon Rolls

Take cinnamon rolls to the next level by adding sticky Biscoff cream cheese glaze on top. These soft, fluffy rolls are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pile Of Vegan Comfort Food Biscoff Rolls

57. Tiramisu Cake

This scrumptious tiramisu cake is not only vegan, it’s gluten-free too! Two layers of espresso-soaked vanilla sponge cake, sandwiched and topped with coconut whipped cream and grated chocolate.


Last but not least are the cookie recipes.

58. Warm Cookie Dough

I made this recipe to replicate my old favourite non vegan comfort food, Pizza Hut’s cookie dough. This is best served fresh from the oven with some dairy-free vanilla ice cream.

59. Biscoff Stuffed Cookies

Soft, chewy cookies with creamy Biscoff spread inside. Pair with dairy-free white or dark chocolate chips- the choice is yours!

60. Peanut Butter Cookies

These soft, chewy peanut butter cookies are super comforting. You’ll only need 8 ingredients and less than 30 minutes to make them.

61. Double Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are heavy-duty and make an incredibly indulgent treat. They’re full of flavour with a soft, chewy, slightly cakey texture, and are packed with vegan chocolate chunks.

A Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Being Held Up By A Hand

There you have it! More than 60 delicious vegan comfort food recipes. I hope you liked the post; if you found it helpful, please give it a share using the share buttons on the page. Enjoy!

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60+ Vegan Comfort Food Recipes

Comforting vegan sweet and savoury recipes to get you through autumn and winter.

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