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30 Fabulous Vegan Desserts To Impress

If you’re looking for some tasty vegan desserts to impress then you’ve come to the right place! This post contains 30 sweet treats that are sure to WOW your friends and family!

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If you’ve been vegan for any length of time, I’m sure you can understand the disappointment felt when you hear that *sorbet* is the vegan dessert option whenever you’re eating outside of your home. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love me some sorbet and I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but it’s not something I particularly look forward to as an after dinner dessert.

When it comes to dessert, go hard or go home is what I say. Part of the reason I created this blog was to show that you can still make fun, delicious, creative desserts without animal products. And this post is all about making vegan desserts to impress- whether that’s to impress yourself, your family or your friends!

The desserts I’ve included in this post are my most popular, decadent, show-stopping desserts that are sure to wow anyone who tries them. Most are recreations of my old non-vegan favourite treats.

I hope you like the recipes and if you make any of them at home, please leave a comment to let me know how it goes. Enjoy!

Vegan desserts to impress

I’ve split the 30 recipes up into categories. The categories are: Meringue-based desserts, buns & cakes, biscuits & cookies, cheesecakes, pies & tarts, and brownies & bars. Simply click on the pink ‘get the recipe button’ to be taken straight to the recipe page.

Meringue-based desserts

First up are the meringue-based vegan desserts. The recipes use aquafaba instead of egg whites to create a similar taste and texture to the traditional versions.


This eggless pavlova tastes just like the classic, with a crispy outer shell and a chewy, marshmallowy centre. Top with lots of dairy-free whipped cream and fresh fruit.
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vegan pavlova with berries, whipped cream and a sprig of mint on top


French-style vanilla macarons filled with fluffy dairy-free buttercream. You'd never be able to guess that these are vegan!
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thumbnail image of 2 white macarons on top of one another

Buns & cakes

Next up are the buns and cakes. These are super fun to make and great if you have a group of people to feed.

Biscoff Cinnamon Rolls

Just like classic cinnamon rolls but with a Biscoff twist. These rolls are pillowy soft and make the perfect vegan dessert to impress any guests you have over.
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Thumbnail image of vegan Biscoff cinnamon rolls

Jaffa Cakes

Small vanilla sponge cakes topped with a zesty orange jelly and a thin dark chocolate topping. These taste just like the nostalgic classics but without the dairy.
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2 Vegan Jaffa Cakes

Yule Log

This tasty treat is not just for Christmas! A thin chocolate roll cake filled with dairy-free vanilla buttercream and covered with creamy chocolate ganache. A truly show-stopping dessert that is sure to be loved by all.
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Vegan Chocolate Yule Log with red berries and a green sprig on top

School Dinner Cake

This is one of my favourite vegan desserts to impress any new vegans! It's just like the retro school cake from childhood- a fluffy vanilla sponge cake topped with simple icing and colourful sprinkles.
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Vegan Vanilla Sheet Cake Thumbnail Image

Jam & Coconut Sponge

Another school dinner dessert, this jam and coconut sponge is seriously good. You can use raspberry or strawberry jam to top the cake depending on your preference.
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Thumbnail Image Of Jam And Coconut Sponge Cake Slices

Biscoff Cake

This is one of my most raved about blog recipes to date! 3 layers of cinnamon and vanilla sponge filled and covered with decadent Biscoff icing. It's great for any occasion but is especially popular as a birthday cake.
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Vegan Biscoff Cake

Mini Lemon Loaves

These dainty, bite-sized lemon loaves are surprisingly easy to make. All you need is some simple kitchen ingredients and a mini loaf tin. These are perfect for children's birthday parties or afternoon tea.
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vegan mini lemon loaf cakes sitting on a wire rack

Eggless Chocolate Fudge Cake

A moist, 2-layer chocolate cake paired with an ultra rich and decadent chocolate fudge frosting. This is an easy but impressive dessert to make if you're not confident with your cake decorating skills- just slap the icing on and you're good to go!
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Thumbnail image of fudge cake with a slice missing


When I think of my favourite vegan desserts to impress, this trifle always comes to mind. It's made up of layers of homemade vegan vanilla sponge cake, custard, whipped cream, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries. You can even use shop-bought versions of the cake, custard and cream if you want to speed up the process.
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Vegan Strawberry Trifle In A Glass Bowl

Biscuits & Cookies

If you’re missing your old favourite biscuits, don’t worry, you can make them at home! Try out some of the classic recipes below.

Custard Creams

Custard flavoured shortbread biscuits sandwiched together with vegan custard buttercream. These biscuits can be made with or without the signature custard cream pattern.
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Thumbnail Image Of Vegan Custard Creams

Viennese Whirls

Piped shortbread rosettes filled with fruity strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream. If you're missing Mr. Kipling's, these make a great replacement.
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Thumbnail Image of dairy-free Viennese whirls in a small pile

‘Pizza Hut’ Cookie Dough

Pizza Hut's cookie dough was my absolute favourite dessert before I went vegan so I recreated it without the eggs or dairy. It's crisp at the edges, with a soft, gooey centre, and it's best served warm with vanilla ice cream.
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Thumbnail image- close up of cookie dough with ice cream and chocolate sauce on top

Double Chocolate Cookies

If you love large chunky, bakery-style cookies, then you'll love these! They're full of decadent chunks of both vegan white and dark chocolate and are sure to be one of your new favourite vegan desserts to impress.
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double chocolate chip cookies

Empire Biscuits

If you don't know Empire biscuits, get to know. They're a classic Scottish bakery treat, consisting of two shortbread biscuits, a strawberry jam filling, an icing topping and a Jelly Tot sweet.
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Vegan Empire Biscuits

Rocky Road Cookies

Just like rocky road but in cookie form. These soft chocolate cookies are filled with Digestive biscuit pieces, vegan marshmallows and chocolate chips.
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Thumbnail Of Pile Of Cookies


If you’ve been looking for a vegan cheesecake that actually tastes like cheesecake, these recipes will help you out! Here are 3 of my faves.

White Chocolate Cheesecake

This rich, sweet white chocolate cheesecake filling pairs perfectly with the fiery gingernut biscuit base. This is an elegant vegan dessert that's sure to impress.
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Vegan White Chocolate Cheesecake Slice On Plate

Oreo Cheesecake

This cheesecake consists of a chocolate Oreo biscuit base and a cookies and cream filling. You can use mini or large Oreos to decorate it- whichever you prefer.
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Thumbnail Image Of Vegan Oreo Cheesecake Slice

Strawberry Cheesecake

This is one of my favourite ever no-bake cheesecake recipes. It has a classic Digestive biscuit base and the filling is full of fresh strawberry pieces. The sweet, sticky strawberry topping takes it to the next level!
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Dairy Free Strawberry Cheesecake Thumbnail Image

Pies & Tarts

These recipes are easy to make and taste super indulgent.

Banoffee Pie

A crunchy Digestive biscuit crust filled with banana slices, homemade vegan caramel and dairy-free whipped cream. This is a super easy no-bake treat that you'll want to make again and again!
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Close Up of Banoffee Pie

Chocolate Tart

This tart is made with a chocolate shortcrust pastry crust and a thick, glossy chocolate ganache filling. A must try recipe for all chocolate lovers!
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Slice Of Chocolate Tart With Raspberry On Top

Bakewell Tart

A much-loved British dessert made vegan! Shortcrust pastry filled with cherry conserve and homemade vegan almond frangipane. Enjoy as is or serve with vegan custard.
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Thumbnail of cherry bakewell tart on a cake stand, with one slice on a plate in front

Brownies & Bars

Last but not least are the brownies and bars. Here are 4 vegan brownie recipes, plus recipes for apple crumble bars, Rice Krispie treats and peanut butter fudge. Yum!

Chocolate Brownies

These are the richest, fudgiest, most decadent brownies you'll ever try. These are one of the most perfect vegan desserts to impress your friends, family, colleagues or dinner party guests.
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triangles of vegan brownie close up

Chocolate Orange Brownies

Remember Terry's Chocolate Orange? That's what these brownies remind me of! They're just as rich as chewy as my classic chocolate brownies but have a decent hit of orange flavour.
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Thumbnail Overhead Shot Of Vegan Chocolate Orange Brownies

Mint Brownies

I used vegan mint thins in these brownies to make them taste like After Eight brownies. These are great around Christmas time but can be enjoyed any time of year.
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Thumbnail Image Of Brownies

Raspberry Brownies

The combo of fresh raspberries and dark chocolate never gets old. These brownies are super easy to make and last quite a while in the fridge.
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Vegan Raspberry Brownies

Apple Crumble Bars

These bars are a hybrid of apple crumble and a cookie bar. They have a shortbread biscuit base, a gooey apple pie filling and a sweet, crumbly streusel topping.
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Apple Crumble Bars Stack Thumbnail Image

Rice Krispie Treats

Grab some vegan marshmallows and crispy rice cereal and give these chewy Rice Krispie treats a go! These are fun to make with children because there's only a few steps involved and there's no baking required.
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Thumbnail Image Of Rice Krispie Treats Without Gelatine

Peanut Butter Fudge

If you've been searching for a vegan fudge recipe without condensed milk or a candy thermometer, this is the one! It contains just 4 basic ingredients and has a delicious melt in your mouth texture.
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Vegan Peanut Butter Fudge Thumbnail Image

There we have it, 30 vegan desserts to impress your friends or family with. I hope you like the recipes! If you find this post useful, please give it a share using the share buttons on this page. Happy baking! xo

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